S1E9 - Mark Bomhoff Interview About His Very Unique Ice Shack and A Legend of the Squirrel


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Jeff and Jason talk to Mark Bomhoff, the maker of a really unique ice shack, and the legend of a squirrel.

Pictures of the Shack

Here are some great pictures of the shack that Mark sent to me. Really you have never seen anything like this before. Thank you so much to Mark for being a guest on our show and for all the really great pictures and videos.

He also has a few videos that I uploaded to the show youtube page.

Truck Load https://youtu.be/Q2ell4Xo5qw

Open Demo https://youtu.be/-cBq2qkUh6g

Deploy https://youtu.be/g0MKOvJ4NWY

Jon in Republic of Korea

In a recent podcast we talked about getting listeners in the Republic or Korea. Jon who is stationed in the Air Force in the Republic of Korea wrote to me on our Facebook page about fishing for trout. Thanks to Jon for your service and also for the great information on ice fishing.

Here is what Jon told me.

There is some ice fishing over here but most of it is done at trout fishing festivals where they stock the water with cherry trout. It is done in the north east where the elevation is higher and it stays cold enough.

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