Who's In Your Circle?


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Need Wisdom? God’s Practical Help for Those Who Make Bad Choices V Who’s in Your Circle? Various Proverbs The most important thing in life is our relationships. What does Proverbs say about the company that we keep? I. Choose your friends wisely because they will ___________________ who you are II. Good friends ___________________ always, ___________________ sometimes, and constantly point to Christ Breaking the Ice: 1. How many close friends would you say that you have? Who are your closest friends? 2. What would you say makes your closet friends or best friends such good friends to you? Going Deeper: 1. Would you say that the number of close friendships that you have has increased or decreased as you have gotten older? Why? 2. Would those whom you consider to be your closest friends consider you to be their closest friends also? Do you think you are a better friend to your friends or vice versa? 3. How have you seen the life-giving power of great friends? How have you seen the destructive power of having bad or many companions? 4. Are there people that you need to remove from your circle? Who are some people that you need to ask to be part of your circle? 5. Share about a time when you witnessed a friend (you or someone else) either (1) loving at all times or (2) wounding at the appropriate time. 6. How can you grow in your friendships today?

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