Nov 08 2020 Sermon Title: What A Friend We Have In Jesus - part 2


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November 01, 2020 (To be continued) November 08, 2020
What A Friend We Have in Jesus

Let's look at the life of Jesus Christ

  1. Jesus is a friend to tax collectors and sinners (Matthew 11: 19; Luke 19:1-ff)
  2. Jesus makes it possible to have a relationship with God.
  3. Christians are called to be like Jesus Christians are challenged to love like Jesus Challenged--Mark 1: 40ff, a man with Leprosy
  4. Jesus reaches out and touched this man, Jesus loved the rejected
  5. I Cor. 6:9-11
    Scriptures teach what is right and what is wrong God reaches out to EVERYONE
  6. To appreciate the "Good-News" you must understand the “Bad-News” Luke 7:11-17
  7. Christians have a message of hope
  8. Jesus was a faithful friend
  9. Proverbs 17:17
    Mark 10:17 Rich Young Ruler "No one is good except God"
  10. My definition of good is God Mk. 10:21 "one thing you lack"
  11. Jesus is a friend forever -- Mark 1:16-18
    The simplest definition of a Christian is following -- Acts 11:25-26 If you are not a disciple-you are not a Christian

“live in the expression that you love God”

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