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rfr320x320Founder of the "NOT ON MY WATCH" movement, Kei Kei, joins us on this first episode of 2013. She explains the NOMW movement a little more detailed than her last visit and also presents her vision and mission of the entire movement.

Also with us in the studio was half of the rap duo, Freestyle Fam, Quest the Wordsmith. Quest the Wordsmith is a firm believer in and supporter of the NOMW Movement.

Get in touch with the Not On My Watch movement by going to: http://notonmywatch2618.tumblr.com

Playlist: Video: "Not on My Watch" Promo
Video: "J.I.F.E. (Jesus Is For Everybody)" by: Da' Truth
Video: "Open Arms" by: MC Jin
Video: "Find Me" by: Theory Hazit feat: B Reith.


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