Rap Fest Radio: Episode #168 - Louis Straker, Jr.


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In this episode Bert Bocachica speaks with Pastor Louis Straker, Jr. (@louisStrakerJr) of The R.O.C.K., Brooklyn. Louis was the music director of a ministry called BI-Faith that was well known in the 90s for the cutting edge R&B and Soulful sound. Find out how he transitioned to pastoring.

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Show Name: Rap Fest Radio
Episode: Episode #168 - Louis Straker, Jr.
Playlist: Video - "16 Bars A'capella - Rap Fest Radio Exclusive" by: Righteouz Knight
Music Video: "Kick Rocks" by: RIghtwouz Knight
Video: "Grateful Apparel Promo Video" by: Grateful Apparel
Music Video: "Take My Life" by: Richard Dauphin

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