Private School Kids: NYC vs. Europe, Pt. I


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Throughout quarantine I've developed an unhealthy obsession with Netflix's 'European rich kid' programming (Elite, Baby, etc.) - designer clothes & uninvolved parents & threesomes, oh my! - but I kept wondering how much was accurate. So, I put out a call on IG for European private school students to come talk about the taboo subject of MONEY and compare and contrast their experiences growing up privileged.

(4:27) After sharing a bit about my downtown Manhattan background, we hear submissions from girls who went to British boarding schools (22:23), including a notorious international one in central London; a school in Sapporo, Japan (31:40) (not Europe, but I couldn't say no to that viewpoint!); Oslo, Norway (37:27); Madrid, Spain (40:50); Como, Italy (47:33); and Bosnia (50:29). Lastly (53:56) my friend Leon - who came to New York from the France/Switzerland border in 8th grade - gives us a lesson about the French education system and differences between his social scenes across the ocean.

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