Ep 61: Bumpin’ birth prep with Leslie Schrock


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The author of ‘Bumpin’ - the Modern Guide to Pregnancy’, Leslie Schrock, joined me for this special episode of healthHackers® to talk all about essential preparation for labor and delivery in a hospital setting. Leslie’s book has been described as the “new pregnancy bible” and came about because of her feelings of helplessness following several complicated pregnancies and losses. Bumpin’ was written in real time while Leslie was pregnant with her son TJ. Since then, she's had another baby - Dylan, who’s now three months old. Both birth experiences involved difficult and unexpected events. There was SO much I wanted to talk to Leslie about (the book covers conception all the way to postpartum and has been a resource for me in my own pregnancy) but for this episode we honed in on the key event that pregnant women (including me) spend a lot of time thinking about… the big moment, the showdown… the actual birth. Leslie covers: 🔹why she’s not a fan of birth plans 🔹medicated and non-medicated pain management 🔹how a barber’s comb became an effective pain reliever for Leslie 🔹benefits of a having doula and how to choose one 🔹how Leslie successfully reframed her fear of vaginal tearing (this technique will make you smile) 🔹the most helpful thing Leslie did during pregnancy to prepare for birth 🔹what she wished she’d known before her birth experiences 🔹the difference between Braxton Hicks and labor contractions 🔹how you’ll know when the baby is coming 🔹when to go to hospital 🔹back labor - what is it? 🔹handling the unpredictable Find Leslie: https://leslieschrock.com/ https://twitter.com/lesliejz https://www.instagram.com/lesliejz/ Thank you to the sponsors of this episode: https://glycanage.com/ See my review of the GlycanAge biological age test and details of your 15% discount here: https://healthhackers.org/handson/glycanage-biological-age-test To watch healthHackers® videos, including guest interviews and product reviews, head to the YouTube channel: youtube.com/HealthHackers For articles, podcasts, videos and product discounts 👉 https://healthhackers.org/ Common sense caution: healthHackers® is not personal or medical advice. You know the score - always talk to your own health provider about your concerns.👌

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