Andrew Little: 'Special votes unlikely to change outcome of cannabis referendum'


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It's a yes to euthanasia and a no to cannabis, at this stage.
In preliminary results, 53.1 per cent of voters oppose legalising recreational cannabis, while 46.1 per cent support it.
For the End of Life Choice Act - 65.2 per cent have voted in favour of voluntary euthanasia, 33.8 per cent are against it.
After the announcement, Justice Minister Andrew Little said the chances of special votes flipping the cannabis referendum result were very remote.
"The probability of that is so low to be virtually non-existent."
Andrew Little told Heather du Plessis-Allan the bill is clearly not supported.
Based on 480,000 special votes, 32 per cent "no" and 68 per cent "yes" would change the result of the cannabis referendum.
Little says it's clear the public weren't ready for the cannabis bill to pass - and that needs to be respected.
"People are uncomfortable with the decriminalisation of recreational cannabis."

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