James Shaw on the Greens $1.5 billion transport policy


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The Greens have a plan to get more New Zealanders using public transport.
The Party says it will introduce a nationwide Go Anywhere card if elected next month.
It's part of their transport plan to tackle climate change and congestion.
Green Party co-leader James Shaw says the Go Anywhere card could be used on bus, train and commuter ferry services, countrywide.
He says to get people to use it, there will be weekly maximum charges, with no charge for rides, after the first eight.
James Shaw says fares would be free for under 18s, over 65s, and half price for tertiary students, and apprentices.
Other parts of the plan include a massive investment in intercity passenger rail as well as in major cities.
It would also build safe cycling routes with a $1.5 billion Cycle Super Highway fund, and is pushing for a rail crossing to Auckland's North Shore.
He told Heather du Plessis-Allan the tunnel shouldn't take cars, because that would only increase congestion in the CBD.
"You've got to start with the principle, what is
not the most effective way of moving cars, but people. And what you want therefore is a mass transit system."

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