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Join Kev, Sully, and Spike Spencer as they chat about his experiences in his voice­over, coaching, and real estate investing jobs. He starts with his story, trying to save a failed marriage, but bounced back by developing his repertoire for dating success and teaching it to others! They talk about learning, developing relationships & social skills, and the joy of helping others. About Spike Spencer - He talks goofy for a living... Seriously. HE SPEAKS IN FRONT OF THOUSANDS, IN A MULTITUDE OF VOICES. His mission is to bring actionable education, inspiration, laughter, and enlightenment to millions ... and he's been doing that for over 30 years! It all began in the 6th grade, he got the idea of providing candy to my hungry classmates. He bought candy bars at 10 cents a piece and sold them for 50 cents each. ROI = 400%. Not bad for an 11 year old. This entrepreneurial spirit has guided him on his life long journey of doing things that he loves... Real Estate Investment, Public Speaking, Coaching, Voice Acting, Traveling, and Eating… everything. As a Real Estate Investor, he started flipping houses in the late 90s. Spike taught himself how to do almost everything ­from swinging hammers, installing toilets, laying tile, you name it. He's wholesaled, lease/optioned, owner financed, re­positioned, managed, and land­lorded millions of dollars worth of his own (and for his investors) single family and apartment properties. He has spoken for many Fortune 500 companies on various topics (in various voices, of course) and helped them with their sales training, and has been in front of thousands internationally for his talks on Relationship Building, Voice Utilization, and Real Estate Investing. As an award winning Public Speaker for over 3 decades, a Certified Neuro­Lingusitic Programming Coach, a Licensed and Certified Trainer in the B.A.N.K.™ Personality Sales System, and an Alumni of Brendon Burchard's High Performance Academy, Spike has numerous ways in which he can aid people to get past their internal blocks, and get moving forward fast in their business and personal life success. He has trained thousands internationally with my “Don’t Kill Your Date (and Other Cooking Tips)” talks on dating and relationships; helping guys become better MEN using food, travel, humor, and adventure as the medium for attraction. In the entertainment world, he has worked on screen with 4 Academy Award nominees, (two winners), and is an internationally recognized, award winning, voice actor in animation, video games, Anime, and has done numerous radio and TV commercials for major companies, as well as corporate training on sales, marketing, and business development utilizing voice strategies to increase sales. He is a cheerleader (he actually was one in high school). He loves sharing the amazing lessons he's learned, from a life that has given him many challenges. He looks forward to helping you and your companies to prosper from a place of significant strength. And having a great time doing it! -Spike's Links-

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