"Time's a Wastin'"


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Are you the type of person that continuously runs late? Or are you always on time to any appointment, meeting or dinner with friends? In our latest episode, we talk about why people tend to be late to things, and that an actual Harvard study found that people who are normally late, live a more stress free life! Yes, you read that correctly. Stress free. Is it because they're just assholes that don't care about other people? Or just that they're a little more care free and don't let the little things, like being late, bother them? Lauren was brought up in a military family, so she is always very punctual. Kevin tends to be the same and says that, more often than not, he is quite early to any appointments or meetings. He says he absolutely HATES being late to things. Sully thinks it's a matter of personal perspective. While he may think showing up to work at 06:35am is late (because he normally shows by 06:30), to someone else, that may be way too early to show up to work. Ask yourself... Do you lead a more stress free life and don't worry about being late, or do you tend to be more OCD and show up on time or early? These three always throw in great twists and discussions throughout their episodes, this is one you're sure to enjoy.

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