A Nymph, the Crazy Lady in the Attic, and a Control Freak Walk into a Bar: Charming the Shadow Self with Zaeli Kane


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Zaeli Kane is a woman of many talents. She is a folk epidemiologist, a writer, a comedian, a hypnotherapist and the proprietor of the She Shed Hypno Parlor. We had such a deep, fun, and wide-ranging conversation. In this episode, we discuss:

  • Spirituality as responsibility and joy
  • Wearing lots of sweaters
  • Personification of our shadow selves (a nymph, a crazy lady in the attic, and a mean control-freak)
  • Releasing shame and charming the shadow self
  • Balancing being multi-passionate amidst the pressure to “pick a lane”
  • Growing up Mormon, the weight of a name, and the trauma of disavowing parts of ourselves
  • Intellectual knowing vs bodily understanding
  • The process of hypnosis and self-hypnosis
  • Understanding the power of images and thoughts to drive our subconscious
  • Making healing fun and pleasurable
  • Motherhood, spirituality, and writing your way back to a new sanity
  • Why therapy is awesome
  • The invitation to look at yourself as nature
  • Tuning into the consciousness of plants

“Everyone's got something to take care of. There are talents to take care of, there are tendernesses that we have, and there are wounds. So that's what we do with our attention.”

“I want people to understand their imagination as their immune system.”

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