"Doing the Monk Thing" with Shane Wilson


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At the top of the show, Kyley and Eva discuss:

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  • Coronavirus, navigating fear, and self-care

Shane Wilson is a pastoral counselor, grief recovery specialist, and meditation teacher. He is an author and the founder of the Meditation Learning Center in Mesa, AZ. In this episode we do a deep philosophical dive and discuss:

  • Spirituality as helping people
  • Love as service to others
  • Shane’s spiritual curiosity and travels to Thailand
  • How celebration of a Thai king lead to that Shane’s ordination as a Buddhist monk
  • What it was like to live as a monk and
  • Integrating his experience after leaving the monastery
  • Non-attachment
  • The ten fetters of Buddhism, the steps to awakening
  • Wanting, reinforcing the I, and suffering
  • Waking up as our primary purpose
  • Is suffering required for spiritual growth?
  • What is enlightenment?
  • Gender, societal programming, and implications for our spiritual path
  • Subconscious intervention: processing subconscious beliefs and repressed memories
  • Believing yourself and honoring the messages your body and heart tell you

“Another word to describe the word spirituality would probably be the word love. If somebody asked, ‘How do I feel spiritual?’ Well, how do you feel when you’re loved?” — Shane Wilson

“The more people I can help, the more inspiration I feel inside. It’s just kind of a feedback. I mean, what a wonderful world if everyone could feel that and know that. And I think deep inside, spiritual beings do feel that. ”— Shane Wilson

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