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Amy Robbins-Wilson is an author, singer, and performs Angelsong Circles, meditative concerts and sessions for those seeking healing and a restored sense of peace in the world. We discussed:

  • Spirituality as constant listening, turning your wounds into blessings, and ritual
  • The importance of tuning into your body, the messages our body sends us, and the disconnect so many of us feel with our bodies
  • Amy's journey with song and spirituality, the process of developing her sacred healing performances called AngelSong, and a period of losing her voice just as she discovered this unique healing modality
  • Amy's touchstone transcendent moment, as a high school senior singing the national anthem
  • The journey of motherhood, postpartum depression, and spiritual expansion

"At the core of our being, we're all just vibrations. Everything is moving, and that's what gives us form. Whenever you're singing or listening to music, the vibration of the music is affecting your vibration. Music is inherently healing, and I think we all know that."
-Amy Robbins-Wilson

"When we approach motherhood as a job we put ourselves at the service of our children. If approached as a spiritual practice, we see it as a journey of mutual benefit. It becomes an adventure to be embarked upon with great anticipation, a pilgrimage of the soul. We emerge transformed."
-Amy Robbins-Wilson

"For me, channeling feels like spaciousness in my heart and in my body. And it's also how I feel when I'm putting my kids to sleep. Or when I'm doing things that make me feel present. That's the same feeling when I channel. So I think it's just variations on a scale. "
-Kyley Caldwell
"Kids love to sing and it helped me through my postpartum anxiety, just to be able to sing. When you sing, you naturally fall into a deeper breathing rhythm. And they're silly songs, you know? It's hard to be sad when you're singing the poopy dance."
-Amy Robbins-Wilson

AngelSong Breathing Technique
Get Amy's free Earth to Stars Alignment -Guided Meditation and learn more about her healing music work at AmyRobbinsWilson.com

Amy's new album All is Well-Musical Meditations for Body, Mind and Spirit will be out Summer 2020 and her album Beside Still Waters-Musical Meditations for the Christian Soul is scheduled for a Fall 2020 release.

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