Enthusiastic Sobriety and Transcendent Joy with Joy Manning


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Joy Manning is a podcaster and writer focused on food and health. She is a self-described enthusiastic sober person and closet mystic. She shared her journey with us in this episode, including:

  • The spiritual practices that help Joy, including a daily practice of reading, writing, prayer (speaking to the divine), meditation (listening), and exercise (energy medicine)
  • Joy's journey from a spiritual child, to feeling a disconnection to the universe, to a profound spiritual breakthrough
  • The deep relationship between Joy's sobriety and spiritual journey
  • Kyley, and Eva also share their relationship to alcohol and how that is evolved over the years.
  • The feeling of relief at not drinking & the social pressure to drink
  • The authentically joyful experiences that have been available without alcohol, and how those moments feel deeply spiritual
  • Joy's experience with Kundalini Yoga, and the personal power of that meditation practice

"I was done drinking, and it was a huge relief. Since then I have felt far more in tune with a sense of my spirit, other peoples spirit, god, the universe. It's just been an avalanche of insights and internal changes in myself." - Joy Manning

"It's so obvious to me now how alcohol can be a wet blanket on any kind of spirituality that you might wish to have. And I actually think alcohol can even blunt the awareness that you would wish for something like that." - Joy Manning

"Alcohol and wine is [sold] as self care. And in my experience, it was numbing and was worsening my anxiety, so it was the opposite of self care for me." -Kyley Caldwell

"The thing I try to tell people is that I thought nothing would be fun without alcohol. What I didn't understand is that everything would be fun without alcohol and it would be more fun and it would be real fun." - Joy Manning

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