Kyley and Eva Talk COVID-19


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  • Kyley’s experience in quarantine: when she thought her son was sick with COVID-19, the panic and subsequent surrender
  • Parenting small children in social isolation and dealing with anger
  • How Eva feels she has prepared for the intensity of this experience and is coaching herself through the anxiety
  • The importance of listening to and trusting yourself through this
  • Why Kyley stuck her hands on her neighbors lawn (& maybe you should too)
  • Writing as a means to identify the patterns of anxious thought
  • How our systems have failed us and what to do about it
  • What does "choose love" mean in moments like this

“You are not required to be productive. That is bullsh!t capitalism speaking, which is why we’re in this mess f*king to begin with. You are not required to be productive to be worthy. You are not required to be productive to be loved. You are not required to be productive to be loved. You are not required to be productive, full stop. If you want to spend the next 6 months in confinement binging Love Is Blind on repeat you are totally worthy of love.” -Kyley

“Just being is enough. Your gift is your presence, and that gets stolen when you feel pressure to do something because someone outside of you tells you to” - Eva

“If you focus on your primary purpose, which is your own peace, your secondary purpose becomes easy. You get into a state of flow. Don't focus on what to do, focus on how to be. When you’ve got the being down, everything else follows suit.” - Eva

“Capitalism and the patriarchy have so clearly failed us. What if those of us that believe love is this real, tangible thing that could change the world? What if we stopped feeling like we had to apologize for that?” - Kyley

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