Miracles are Normal with Jo'el Adifon


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Jo'el Adifon is a Divine Ecstatic, Urban Griot, and Boundless Educator, in service to the Infinite. He travels the world showing audiences The Infinite Is Kind and Miracles Are Normal. In this episode, we have a vulnerable and expansive conversation about Jo'el's unique experience with the divine. We discuss:

  • Jo'el's experience growing up without the boxes of what isn't possible and where connection to the divine is an everyday experience and how that shaped his belief the infinite is kind and that miracles are normal.
  • Black Lives Matter, Jo'el's spiritual experience of processing the trauma of racism and the legacy of slavery, and the profound possibility of transformation that comes from remembering that we are embodied divinity.
  • A deeply moving prayerful meditation that Jo'el walks us through, that left Kyley & Eva experiencing that connection with Deity.

Ron Young Meditation

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