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Ashley Wood is the founder of A Line Within, the host of The Line Podcast, and an international Akashic Records Reader. We had an unfiltered conversation about her work as a channel and her spiritual journey, including:

  • Spirituality as self-awareness and awareness of the messages you are receiving
  • New paradigm spirituality and how we are our own guide
  • Pleiadean star cluster, it’s connection to the Akashic Records, and the Pinnacle, the energies that Ashley channels
  • Ashley’s soul-purpose in this lifetime to modernize the Akashic Records
  • The physicality of reading the Akashic Records for Ashley and how everyone’s Records feel different
  • The messages Ashley has received in her channeling (through her line) about COVID-19 and the transformation we’re undergoing
  • Messages and premonitions Ashley received throughout her whole life
  • How pregnancy and motherhood heightened those abilities
  • Surrender as an essential piece of honoring and receiving your own messages
  • How opening her Akashic Records for the first time changed Ashley’s life
  • Ashley’s experience with postpartum anxiety, surrender, medication, and shifting our vibration
  • The energetic line running through each us, through which we receive messages, and the importance of eliminating distractions in order to become aware of those messages
  • The potent lessons available to us right now, during the coronavirus pandemic, if we surrender to being present
  • The spiritual revolution we are experiencing
  • Holding gratitude and compassion for those passing away from coronavirus
  • How to sit in silence and do the inner work, in order to heal
  • The crumbling of the need for external authority within spirituality
  • Healing power of being vulnerable and sharing your truth

“There’s nothing outside of yourself. Your highest self is your guide.”

— Ashley Wood

“Everything I have is because of my daughter. Because she taught me how to surrender. She did. She taught me how to stop trying to control. And she taught me how to stop living a life of distraction.”

— Ashley Wood

“Everything in the physical realm has a polarity. There is the illness that is sweeping across the globe right now. But there is also the polarity, the other side, of an opportunity for healing.”

— Ashley Wood

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