Practicality and Patriarchy with Kyley and Eva


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In this episode, Kyley and and Eva pick up where they left off, as they share the story of their own spiritual evolution. They discuss:

  • Kyley’s brand new workshop on deepening your connection to intuition
  • Spring Cleaning discount on Eva’s 4-week meditation coaching program
  • Eva & her partner’s dual apartments
  • Introverts, Extroverts – we’re all anxious weirdos
  • Eva gives the low down on 10-day silent meditation retreats
  • Do you need rock bottom to transform?
  • Motherhood as a crucible for spiritual transformation
  • Parenting in the flow, living in the flow
  • The spirituality of business and being in business for yourself
  • The practicality of spirituality
  • Feminism and how the patriarchy shows up within spirituality
  • How Kyley came to read the Akashic Records
  • Spiritually "coming out"
  • Love, without conditions

“A thought comes in and you observe it, and you’re like I’m not going to identify with it, and you come back to your breath. And you’re doing that, I don’t know, a hundred almost a thousand times in an hour--to the point where, your thoughts just float by.” -Eva Liao

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