Rebellion & Mindfulness with Argos Gonzalez


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Argos Gonzalez is a mindfulness instructor for both educators and students, and in this episode he shares his personal spiritual journey. We discuss:

  • Parenthood, teenage rebellion, and the powerful vision his own father had before he was born
  • The transformational power of a near-drowning experience
  • Argos' journey in the Lucumi tradition, shamanism, and meditation
  • Rigidity, fluidity, and finding balance
  • How to develop your intuition
  • Why meditation might feel like it “makes things worse” and how to sit with and through that
  • Prayer as ritual and prayer as a conversation
  • Mindfulness as a secular practice
  • The inclusivity of mindfulness
  • Agency and mindfulness within radical social justice work
  • What to do with anger
  • Modeling mindfulness and making it fun for children

“Can mindfulness bring greater clarity and greater intimacy into what your spiritual practice is?”

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