Sit in Your Sh!t with Nick Demos


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Nick Demos is a Tony Award winning producer, award winning filmmaker and writer. He has been teaching yoga, pranayama breathwork, meditation and creativity for over a decade. And, he coaches soul- centered entrepreneurs on how to authentically utilize stories to leverage their personal brands. In this episode we took a deep dive on all things spiritual, including:

  • What isn’t spirituality?
  • Why Nick hates the term “woo woo”
  • The importance of beginner mind
  • Nick helps Eva with with her morning routine struggles
  • Nick’s origin story, including tap dancing in Montana and a panic attack in a Russian Bear costume
  • Nick’s experience winning a Tony Award, and how that highlighted for him what was missing in his life
  • The importance of listening to your intuition
  • The role trauma can play in empowering us to listen to our intuition
  • Sitting with our “dark friends” and embracing our own discomfort and shadow
  • How Nick embraces the haters
  • Nick, Kyley, and Eva share how their partners are their teachers
  • Nick’s work with soul-preneurs, to empower them to share their own stories
  • Scarcity mindset and fear around money, especially for artists
  • Lack mindset around creativity for entrepreneurs
  • The impact of Nick’s daily practice on growing his business
  • Nick’s experience traveling international amidst the COVID-19 outbreak
  • A guided breathwork exercises to ground us through this collective anxiety and fear we may be experiencing

“I’m growing and evolving as a person walking on this planet, and I want to evolve in a way that is organic and natural and in alignment with where I am and who I am right now. And so it’s about, for me, listening to my intuition. And listening to that voice that tis sometimes a little quiet and sometimes a little nagging. And I try to always listen to that. And yes, people thought I was absolutely insane…but I just felt like I needed to continue to evolve as an artist, a business person, as a spiritual being living on this planet.”

— Nick Demos

“We’re in this period where a lot of people are alone right now. Or they are surrounded by immediate family at all times. Which, again, magnifies everything. It magnifies all your stuff. Because it is uncomfortable…and we don’t like uncomfortable. Well, what if you just sit, just sit in it. And not only just sit in it, but welcome it. If you can welcome it, if you can allow it to become a part of you.”

— Nick Demos
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