The Spirituality of Not-Knowing with Caroline Corcoran


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Caroline Corcoran, MA, Associate Marriage and Family Therapist, and co-founder of the The Rising Tide Women’s group, and shares some serious wisdom on this episode. We discuss:

  • Not-knowing as a gateway to spirituality and presence
  • Mind’s experience vs direct experience
  • Possibility and creativity when being love
  • Transcendent moment in a traffic jam
  • Power of welcoming anxiety and fear in being truly present
  • Where do thoughts even come from?
  • How spirituality shows up within therapy
  • Why trying to take care of other people is a false aim
  • Loving and caring for others from a place of non-attachment
  • Leaning into our innate goodness
  • Our desire for and fear of freedom
  • Creating space for integrating spiritual principles
  • Role of sisterhood in the Rising Tide Women's Group
  • Celebrating both masculine and feminine energies
  • The healing power of the ocean

“As soon as you go into your mind, you stop directly experiencing the moment.”

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