Welcome to Hello Universe: An Introduction to Kyley and Eva


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Welcome to Hello Universe, a show about spirituality in our real, everyday lives. This first episode features your valiant co-hosts, Kyley & Eva, interviewing each other on their personal background and spiritual beliefs.

  • Kyley’s experience growing up Catholic, how her mom taught her to be radical, and her influential Zen Buddhist aunt and uncle
  • Eva’s experience growing up without religion and simultaneously with persistent faith
  • Unlearning spiritual baggage
  • The freedom and space that comes from recognizing that we don’t know
  • How bed bugs helped Eva become a life coach
  • How difficult experiences push us towards spiritual transformation
  • Spirituality as a practical, everyday practice of showing yourself self-love
  • Grace that comes when we surrender to the lesson

“All the books that I was reading were like, ‘You gotta believe in something bigger than yourself,’ and it was like a switch that went off that reminded me of when I was a kid. And I was like, oh my god, I forgot. I forgot that I used to believe that.”

— Eva Liao

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