What We’re Learning in Quarantine


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Kyley & Eva discuss what they've been learning in quarantine:

  • Adapting to the new norm and feeling good, and that being both comforting and concerning
  • Managing the itchiness to be elsewhere
  • Grappling with the conditioning of capitalism & patriarchy, and sorting through to what's true to us and what we want to value
  • Practicality as a source of joy and also a product of conditioning
  • Finding the way to honor joy while feeling the burden of "have-tos," amidst the fear and lies of capitalism
  • Freedom from

"It's never the external circumstance that makes us feel happy. Happiness isn't a circumstance. It's everything that is inside of us."
"However productive or successful, or how much money you're bringing in because you think you have to, because that push, tight feeling, you could double, triple, quadruple that if you go from a place of joy,"

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