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Kevin Wesley has been into cars since he was a kid. Inspired mostly by watching his father working on projects, his introduction to road racing began with his brother’s SVO Mustang in the early 90’s. His passion really took off in 1993 while working with Mopar Action Magazine where he was invited to participate in their Vintage American 1969 Plymouth Valiant at The One Lap of America.

In those following 25+ years, Kevin has pushed himself to contest numerous forms of automotive competition. He has competed in road races, endurance races, drag racing, Time Attack events, hill climbs, stage rally, autocross, TSD rally, and even ice races. Having found success in many events throughout his motorsports career, Kevin currently holds multiple Time Attack track records, a hill climb record at Mt. Washington and most recently finished 3rd in class at the prestigious Pikes Peak International Hill Climb.

Wesley Motorsports was formalized in 2015 with Kevin recognizing his need for an organized approach to motorsports competition that combined driving skill, team organization, and promotion. As a driver, it’s about winning, there is nothing else. As a brand, Wesley Motorsports puts forth a professional effort that is respected by fellow competitors, sponsors and the fans.

Join us this week as we welcome Kevin to the Hot Rod BBQ to talk about his racing career, what it’s like to drive a very big car up a very big hill, but then, before the convo even starts, we look at a very interesting 1972 Jensen Interceptor that we pulled from the Hemmings Classifieds.

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