Ron Baugh: Automotive Stylist: Wheel Pros (Eps. 9)


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Raised in Atlanta, Georgia by a family of automotive enthusiasts, Ron Baugh’s automotive obsession began when he uttered his first word, “FRUCK” while pointing to a passing big rig. Automotive magazines littered his home and by age four Ron was already trying to convince his grandfather to trade his old pickup in for a new one so he could customize it. That attention to detail led him on a path that would see him customize every vehicle he’s owned over the last 25 years. In fact, if you spot him in a totally stock car, you can bet it’s a rental. As a student at the USC School of Architecture in Los Angeles, Ron became entrenched in the custom car scene, which eventually swayed his interest away from architecture and into a career in the automotive aftermarket.

“I harassed a local custom wheel manufacturer for weeks until they agreed to hire me as a paid intern. I learned the wheel industry top to bottom there, serving as a stock hand, driver, design/marketing assistant and sales representative.”

Ron fell in love with the wheel industry and over the next 18 years, his creative abilities helped him adapt and excel at product design, development and marketing. His career and talent also allowed him to collaborate with some of the most respected car builders in the world, along with countless athletes, artists, celebrities, as well as the everyday enthusiast. As a trusted member of the automotive community, Ron’s dedication to style and creativity has influenced more enthusiasts then we dare to count.

This week on The Hemmings Hot Rod BBQ we talk wheel design, automotive trends, and what it takes to make it in the wheel industry. We also take a look at a vintage (and by that we mean 1980s) Mustang GT ragtop that we pulled from our very own Hemmings classifieds.

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