109: How to Create ANYTHING in Your Business... WITHOUT Burning Out! - with Michelle Falzon


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You’ve got things you want to CREATE in your business… products, videos, campaigns, ideas…

And, while that can be a lot of fun, when you put so MUCH of you into your business it can mean that you’re left depleted and less than enthusiastic about continuing to create.

So, how can you create at an optimal level AND avoid burnout?

Michelle Falzon’s 5-part creation “flow” makes life and business fun again… and also hugely productive, creative and successful in a way you can sustain and feel great about!

Listen to the HerBusiness podcast episode to hear:

  • What the “Burnout Loop” looks like (and how to avoid it in 3 easy steps)
  • The ONE VITAL STEP you might mistake as “procrastination” (and how it’s holding back the quality and quantity of YOUR CREATIVE OUTPUT)
  • The 5-part Creation Flow that guarantees you A HIGHER LEVEL OF PRODUCTIVITY (and fun!) in your business and leads to long term, sustained success
  • Why “self-care” is WAY more than getting a massage every now and then and the POWERFUL REJUVENATION STRATEGIES that will renew your passion and revitalise your business results overnight
  • The two VITAL steps you must take BEFORE creating ANYTHING in your business that will dramatically uplevel your speed, outcomes and growth
  • Why REACHING outside your comfort zone is part of the creative process and the surprising strategy you can do TODAY that will make this feel effortless – literally PULLING you forward to create what you are REALLY here to build in your business and the world

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