111: Why Giving in to Your Creative Curiosity is Good for Your Business - with Valerie Khoo


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The worlds of business and creativity have combined.

Exploring your interests and giving in to your creative curiosity can energise you AND innovate your business.

It turns out that allowing yourself to be passionate about something other than your business can energise you, and benefit your business.

While we may see creativity as an indulgence, the little thing that piques your interest may be the next opportunity to grow your business.

Valerie Khoo, visual artist and National Director of the Australian Writers’ Centre, recently threw herself into the world of art. This sparked growth in her business, her career, and developed her “Creative Quotient”.

Valerie is the featured guest in this episode of the HerBusiness podcast.

In this episode we look at:

  • How your creative interests can lead to innovation in your business
  • Why creativity is a vital factor in determining your bottom line
  • How to incorporate creativity into your life
  • The perils of ignoring your 'creative quotient'
  • How to tap into your inner genius

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