120: It's Time to Communicate Your Real Worth


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The more people we want to reach The bigger partnerships The bigger team The more clients we want to have … the better we need to become as communicators Good communication is how we upgrade our relationships and our lives. The lack of communication and bad communication can also be how we downgrade our relationships and our lives.

Communicating our worth includes:

  • Being able to charge the prices we are worth and what you deserve
  • Communicating the experience and authority you have, with confidence
  • Being able to stand in the face of feeling like a fraud or an imposter and being able to ask for the sale
  • Knowing that you have a lot of value to bring and perhaps it’s just the way that you’re communicating what you do and how you do it that is not demonstrating your value

Listen now to hear:

  • The clues that your communication is missing the mark
  • Why upgrading your communication is essential if you want to play a bigger game
  • How to use your unique experience to communicate your worth
  • How communicating our value to our team helps them keep our business goals and dreams moving forward

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