121: The Habit of Being Confident


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If you’ve ever held back in putting yourself forward for opportunities… Going for that bigger contract… Charging that higher price… Then this episode is for you. Confidence is not (despite what those 80s motivational speakers tried to tell us) just wearing the right clothes, having a firm handshake and feeling good about ourselves. The good news is that confidence is a habit that can be strengthened, so be encouraged... you just need a little bit to start with... there is plenty more where that came from! Listen to hear:
  • The five steps to creating the Confidence Habit
  • How connecting with the fire in your belly will keep you on track during tough times
  • Why the people around you make the biggest impact on your confidence
  • How your skills and knowledge bolster your confidence
  • The power of taking action (and why it boosts your confidence)

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