122: To Have a Presence, First Be Present


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In order to communicate effectively, we need to connect with our audience, whether that is ourselves if we are planning or working on an important project.

Our partners… Our children… Our clients… Our social media followers…

We connect when we are FULLY present with them.

This means that we are truly aware of who we are communicating with and if they are ready to hear our message.

If we are using language that they comprehend.

If they have actually acknowledged and understood our communication.

Being present when we communicate matters with clients and prospects staff, partners, suppliers.

It, of course, is also relevant to our personal relationships - how we communicate with our partners, kids and even our pets. Being present is how we develop our presence. Listen to hear:

  • Why multitasking is not your friend
  • How past upsets and failures can keep us un-present
  • When language can take us from present to not present
  • Why being in our head keeps us from connecting
  • The importance of taking time to be present with our dreams and visions
  • The greatest gift you can give another human being

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