124: Be Definite With the Infinite


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Regardless of what sort of results we are looking for, when we don’t go after a specific outcome, when we don’t have a definite idea of what we are trying to achieve… how can we know if we are successful?

We have unlimited options to be, do and have what we want in life and business, including:

How we spend our time

How we build our business

The products and services that we provide

Who we serve as customers

Who we surround ourselves with - our peers,mentors, teachers

These unlimited choices can leave us making no choice, for fear of making the wrong choice.

Or, we hold back simply because we haven’t identified the power of being ‘definite with the infinite’.

Listen to hear:

  • Insights about business from an unlikely source
  • Why being definite brings about all sort of support for your visions
  • The types of situations in business you want to be specific about
  • How adding a number to your goals makes them more real
  • How one woman went from a standing start to $10K a month in sales by being definite
  • The difference between being definite and being unrealistic

Also mentioned in this episode: The Commitment Poem by W.H. Murray

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