130: Tick Tock. What are you waiting for?


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Recently I caught myself waiting for all the little ducks to line up and be in a row before I took action on something I wanted to do.

I was letting myself stay stuck because of my inner chatter.

I caught myself and got out of my' holding pattern'.

Where in life or business do you recognise that you are currently waiting for conditions to be better/perfect before taking the next action?

Who or what are YOU waiting for?

  • To get back to you before you move ahead
  • To submit that proposal
  • To make that big decision
  • To take that next step
  • To start publishing those Facebook LIVEs?

Often we can let the excuse that we're waiting on someone else be our excuse for not moving ahead or as a way to procrastinate.

When we wait to get all our ducks in a ROW, we can put the breaks on our dreams.

In this episode, I tell you how getting to action this one Sunday morning was about making the decisions for ME.

I had to stop worrying about what anyone else was doing.

This decision made all the difference to my mood.

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