131: Stop Winging It and Plan for Your Success


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There is one very specific thing that we teach business owners to do that quickly transforms their overwhelm to a feeling of excitement and renewed energy for their business.

They get a laser focus and, importantly, they start getting more sales and are able to reach their goals sooner.

What is this “wonder-drug” we are giving business owners you might ask?

Well, it’s something that’s been around a long time.

And it’s something that is definitely not the latest fad. In fact, I think it’s been drastically underrated by most business owners.

It starts with not 'winging it’ in business.

It starts with actually planning.

Now, before you sigh in disappointment (I know, I know, it’s so boring, right!?).

Just stay with me for a few moments.

Because I PROMISE you, this is the one thing you can be doing right now to get out from under that stressed out, overwhelmed feeling you have around your business and finally start getting rewarded for all your hard work.

In this episode, I give you our 3-Part Planning for Business Success model which we have taught our members for years,

When we share the planning process, it’s as if the light bulb goes on and the impact is very often profound.

We’ve seen people double their incomes, open to new markets, release successful new products and discover lucrative new marketing channels using this process.

As a result, over the past few years, these business owners have gone from feeling ambivalent (at best) and downright resistant (at worst), to absolutely LOVING planning.

Ready to get planning?

It all starts with your vision.

Thanks to these members for sharing their business visions (Listen to hear them and create your own vision and plan).

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