132: An Authentic Approach to Getting New Clients with Bari Baumgardner


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Are you afraid to ask someone to buy from you because you’re worried about being seen as pushy?

You’re not alone.

Many business owners find asking for a sale intimidating, even more so when they’re doing it face-to-face.

Overcoming this fear and embracing new ways to grow your business, starts with changing your mindset when it comes to sales.

And getting some powerful skills for handling objections in your skillset.

I am so excited to introduce you to someone who has become one of my favourite educators.

I know you’ll love her authentic way of approaching sales, as service.

In this interview with Bari Baumgardner of SAGE Event Management, you’ll also hear how pairing your online presence with live events is a powerful way to monetise conversations and authentically grow your business.

Hear how you can boost your business by focusing more on the service you’re delivering and less on whether you’re too salesy.

Listen to discover:

  • How live events are the most powerful way to monetise your online presence
  • Bari’s “ACE” model and how to use it to increase your sales results
  • The three ‘Cs’ that are critical to the success of your live event
  • The power of an invitation versus asking for a sale
  • How to overcome objections from customers with three magic words
  • How confidence and enrolment impact your sales results

You’ll also learn how mastering this inner game of your business and combining it with both online and offline strategic opportunities, like live events, can build your credibility and introduce a leveraged revenue stream into your business.

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