133: How to create Superfans and build a successful business with Pat Flynn


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What’s one way that you can stand out, grow your community and build a successful business?

Create Superfans.

Superfans are the first people to read your blog post, excitedly wait in line (or jump online) to grab your new product and sign up to your online course without even reading your sales page.

Want to know the best bit?

Your Superfans will help you grow your business by generating warm leads through referrals and recommendations.

How do you create Superfans?

While you can’t expect to have Superfans overnight, you can definitely move people towards Superfan-dom using Pat Flynn’s strategies.

Start by connecting with people by having an impact on their world.

When you create Superfans, you have a connected community supporting you and people showing up for your business, no matter where you take it.

Change Someone’s World

In this interview with Pat Flynn, author of Superfans: The Easy Way to Stand Out, Grow Your Tribe, and Build a Successful Business, you’ll hear how we don’t need to create the next big thing, we just need to change someone’s world.

“Superfans are the most important part of your business, and you don’t need very many to do some amazing things for you.” – Pat Flynn

Connect with your Superfans

Listen to this episode of the HerBusiness Podcast to hear Pat Flynn talk about:

  • Why now is the perfect time to build your tribe
  • Why Superfans are insurance for your business
  • The “pyramid of fandom” and how it can turn your audience into Superfans
  • How sharing more of your uniqueness helps your brand stand out
  • Why involving and rewarding your audience pays off for your business
  • How showing “behind the scenes” can bring people closer to your brand
  • How personal moments help build your Superfans, your tribe and your business

Get Pat’s ascension strategy for transforming your casual audience into a connected community who support each other and your brand.

Learn how to involve your audience more to build connections, increase your Superfans and ultimately grow your business.

Discover how creating amazing moments in your business will help you convert your customers, subscribers and listeners into Superfans.


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