134: Chinks in Your Armour?


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Right now, many business owners are experiencing upheaval in their business.

And something interesting is happening to every single one of us.

And, that is that the chinks in our armour are showing.

These chinks don’t matter too much when times are good.

When the money is flowing.

When customers are plentiful.

When the sun is shining on our business.

But, when the economy gets turned around.

Or what used to work no longer works.

Perhaps we are forced to close the doors on our store.

Or we are forced to cancel that live event.

Or to stop treating clients face to face.

Or to look for new revenue streams.

The chinks become gaping holes that leave us feeling very vulnerable.

Our Achilles heel becomes exposed.

Many business owners who were working from home anyhow, now have the added pressure of not having access to their usual services, or they have kids at home that require homeschooling, partners at home that are also trying to work. The chinks can feel really big - like craters.

In this episode, Suzi Dafnis looks at the chinks that are showing up most commonly and how to take actions towards repairing them and creating new possibilities for you and your business even if right now the future seems unclear.

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