136: Fear is Not the Boss of You, with Jennifer Allwood


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What impact does fear have on your business?

Fear can leave you feeling stuck and unable to take the next step in your business, and in your life.

So, what do you do? Do you wait until the fear has gone? Do you keep doing the things that keep you small because that’s where you feel comfortable?

The truth is, the fear may not go away, but you can definitely take control of it and still achieve your goals.

Fear is NOT the boss of you

In this interview with Jennifer Allwood, you’ll discover how to acknowledge your feelings of fear and just do stuff anyway.

“We have a responsibility to show up for our life and do the things that we both want to do and feel called to do.” — Jennifer Allwood

Achieve your business dreams in spite of fear

Listen to this interview to discover:

  • How to accomplish your dreams even when you’re scared
  • How to know when fear is keeping you stuck and how to get unstuck
  • Why perfectionism and self-sabotage gets in your way and how to break free
  • How to influence others by overcoming your fears
  • The power of vision and how it guides your journey in business
  • Why the magic is in the doing and figuring it out as you go

Hear how you can accomplish your dreams even when you’re scared and avoid the self-sabotage that keeps you from pursuing better results in your business.

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