138: Fix this Next with Mike Michalowicz


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What’s holding your business back from moving to the next level?

If you feel like you’re spinning in circles because you’re worried about declining sales, staff turnover or unhappy customers, and you’re trying to address everything at once—STOP.

You’re simply NOT going to be able to fix all these problems at the same time. Instead, you need to work out what issue to focus on first.

Many entrepreneurs believe that more sales are the answer, but this isn’t always true. In fact, increasing your sales could actually make your problems worse.

How do you work out which problem to start with?

Just like us, your business has a hierarchy of needs too. Applying the business hierarchy of needs to your business will give you a simple system to eradicate your frustrations and get your business back on track.

Fix This Next

In this interview with Mike Michalowicz, author of Profit First, Clockwork and The Pumpkin Plan, you’ll walk step by step through the five levels of your Business Hierarchy of Needs.

“The biggest challenge entrepreneurs have is knowing what their biggest challenge is.” – Mike Michalowicz

Learn how applying the levels in the hierarchy can help you identify the most imminent or vital issue that needs to be addressed first.

Recognize the 25 core needs for your business, including profitable leveraging, that will help you create stability and longevity for your business.

Discover how having every aspect of your business rely on you alone can impact your sustainability.

Make progress consistently

Listen to hear Mike talk about:

  • The 5 levels in your Business Hierarchy of Needs
  • How to use Mike’s hierarchy system to get your business moving forward, fast
  • How to find the true root cause of your business problem
  • How bringing order to your business will accelerate your business growth
  • Why the fastest and strongest businesses are those with a greater purpose
  • How to avoid the “double helix trap” for revenue goals, and why bigger is not better
  • Using the “OMEN” formula to fix your core problem and make progress consistently in your business

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