139: It’s Time to Make New Plans


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Maybe you created a great plan for this year.

Maybe you were one of the business owners who, like me, made grand plans, mapping out the whole year’s activities and promotions.

Maybe COVID 19 turned things upside down for you.

The live event that you were doing has been postponed or cancelled.

Your piano-teaching school or your yoga studio had to close down for a while.

You’ve had the kids at home and so it’s been hard to focus on anything.

I think we are all going to be stronger and better for what we’ve recently experienced.

Our capacity and abilities as businesswomen expanded.

Now, it’s time to start to dream about what we want business to look like the next six months.

If we wait till all restrictions are lifted we’ll be late off the blocks.

So today is the day to start making some new plans.

And, I have some tips for you.

Listen to hear
  • Why your personal goals should precede your business goals
  • The eight essential areas of business that create stability and sustainability
  • How to took 10 weeks away from my business in 2019
  • Why breaking down your projects to the finite details is an important step BEFORE you get started with any new project
  • The planning framework that HerBusiness Network members are using to get their goals faster and easier
  • How to be first in line when the doors open to the HerBusiness Network
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