149: Run Your Own Race


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Do you ever feel like you’re really lagging when it comes to getting the success you want in your business? Like others are just passing you by and you can’t seem to get a break?

Maybe you’ve been running your business for a long time but haven't seen the growth you’d hoped for. And, you have so much experience - more than some of your competitors, but they seem to be making the sales and having all the wins?

Or, maybe you’re new in business putting in a whole lot of effort BUT some days, you feel like you are going backwards?

Perhaps you want to try something new in your business, like a membership, or an online course, or a podcast, or running webinars - and it feels like you’ve left it too late.

Everybody is already doing all that.

You don’t want to be an also-ran.

You ask yourself… is there any point in playing the game at all?

I get it. I have felt that way too. Sometimes it can feel like you’ll never catch up. But, starting out last - whether it feels like you're the last one to...

  • Create a course
  • Start a membership
  • Try that new marketing idea
  • Make a profit…
  • Create a viable business model, finally...

It doesn’t mean you’ll finish last.

Listen to hear:

  • How to get ahead, even if you’re late in the game
  • The role of a coach in managing your mindset
  • How consistent action leads to better results
  • Ways to progress forward from the ‘back of the pack’
  • The benefits of running your own race

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