Put It On the Bottom


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Episode 97

Everybody knows the formula for making a hit record: sing about life hacks for household chores.

I have a simple rule I like to live by
It comes in handy in lots of situations
And it’s called…

Put it on the bottom

After you wash the dishes
And you’re putting them away
Put the clean ones on the bottom of the stack
If you put the clean ones on the top
The same dishes get used over and over
If you put the clean ones on the bottom
You’ll eventually use all the dishes equally

Put it on the bottom

Well, now, this can be a pain
If you have a lot of dishes and really tall stacks
But I don’t, I’ve just got a few
I don’t, I’ve just got a few
It also works really great
With stackable glasses
Stackable glasses
Stackable glasses

Put it on the bottom

You can do this with anything
That you use over and over
And keep in a stack
Like t-shirts or socks or underwear
Why wear the same clothes over and over
When you can cycle them through like dishes?
Cycle through them like dishes
When you…

Put it on the bottom

Try the bottom with your breakfast cereal
Turn the bag over and open it from the bottom
Try it with your chips and other snacks
Some settling may occur during shipping
All the little broken pieces
Get redistributed through the bag
And you won’t end up with so much dust
When you get to the bottom of the bag

Put it on the bottom

You know what else works great from the bottom? Bananas
A lot of people open their bananas from the stem
But you know who doesn’t? Monkeys
Monkeys eat more bananas than anyone
And they open their bananas from the bottom
Unless it’s an old mushy banana
Opening it on the bottom is like magic
It just pops right open

Put it on the bottom

Well, now, I hope you learned a thing or two
About stacking your dishes or opening your snacks
Maybe you’ll use some of these tips
When you’re putting away your clean underwear or socks
Take it from a monkey about how to eat a banana
Because they should know
Or maybe you’ll think of this time we shared
Every time someone says stackable glasses

Associate producer: Betsy McClimans

“Put It On the Bottom” by Scott Ritcher, Nov 17th Music BMI

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