Pirates of the Caribbean: When the Robots Were Anatomically Correct (with Maggie Smith)


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Wen and Andrew talk with writer, performer and comedian Maggie Smith (Second City, The News*, The Quest We Can Do, The Onion) about the most successful ride, and one of the most successful movie franchises, in Disney history: Pirates of the Caribbean. After beloved memories of trips to Disney and seeing the first film, they dive into its insane history! Which for the ride includes robot builders' insistence on making the animatronics anatomically correct, the original Disney design (and how it was supposed to be based on real pirates), and the incredible inappropriate behavior that got cut out, and added in!

And after the ride they dig into the films, following the beloved first, and the shipwreck of a fifth! Including, as always, tracing some fascinating pirate history, to find all the things the movie got wrong, which turned out to be just about everything!

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