Missile Defense: Plotting a Clear Path Forward


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The future of U.S. homeland missile defense is in a state of uncertainty. The United States has 44 ground-based interceptors and a global network of sensors and radars to defend the homeland from a limited missile attack. However, as the missile threat from U.S. adversaries grows and these systems age, the Administration has labored to define a clear path forward. Following the abrupt cancellation of the Redesigned Kill Vehicle, the new plan includes programs such as development of a Next Generation Interceptor, a homeland defense “underlay,” and a space sensor layer. In the emerging 2021 defense authorization and appropriations bills, Congress has provided multiple perspectives on these subjects.

What is the proper course of action on these key areas of our national defense? Can we be confident that the current fleet of aging ground-based interceptors will last until their replacements are ready? Is the Administration moving quickly enough to enhance U.S. missile sensing capability? Join us to hear experts give their candid assessments on the current state of homeland missile defense.

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