Medmen founders peace out ✌️. Louisiana bans CBD flower? What happens in Vegas...well you know


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This episode goes back to the bread and butter of HI-TV Cannabis news. Looks like Corona sped up what should have happened a long time ago goodbye duces & sayonara Beirman. Louisiana is this week's "Reggie of the Week" aka the shittiest seediest weed in an opaque dirty baggie. Question HI-TV do your corner your bowl everytime you light your bud? Or do you only do it when your with people? Guess some people like green hits every. single. time. What I hate is when the first person torches the whole bowl like Australia in 2020 and all you get is a hit that tastes like you left it in the toaster too long. Have some courtesy people others will like to taste their weed too. If you read this I hope you're apart of the curtious smoker club. We'll see you next week --- Support this podcast:

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