Weed side chat. Where the XX chromosomes at?!


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Weed side chat for ya head top....today is a sad day. I'll tell you why... Anchor.fm just updated their podcast analytics. THE NUMBERS DONT LOOK GOOD AT ALL. I'm in utter shock, taken a back, and upmostly flabbergasted. I DONT even like breakfast sausage with my eggs. Where are the egg makers? Listen to learn what the hell I'm taking about. Damn shame. If my podcast was a house party it'll look like a J Cole concert. Lots of people with at high risk of prostate abnormalities. I'm mad because y'all didn't tell me before it was too late. #worstbouncersever club looking like a insta thot follower count. 2021 goal 30% 70% split then 60/40. Enough is enough. Diversity is key #kanyeinspiredrant #someonegethimhismeds.....see you next week fellas 🀣 --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/hi_tv/support

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