The Nutrition and Supplement Guide for Ultra Distance Athletes


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Managing your nutrition and hydration successfully plays a critical role in completing challenging ultra-distance events. It's also essential to pay attention to your diet during the training period leading up to your event, by consuming enough food to fuel and recover properly during high volume weeks.
In this episode Mike speaks to nutrition expert, Nicci Robertson, about ways you can achieve optimal energy levels and peak performance during endurance training and racing.
Join us as we look at the following topics:

  • Energy and macronutrients,
  • Carbohydrates 101,
  • Protein and muscle damage,
  • Supplements,
  • Gastro-intestinal Distress.

Nicci Robertson is the owner of Re-Invent Health and Integrated Health Sciences. She is a master practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming and Psycho-neuro immunology. As well as 2005 Body for Life Grand Champion (South Africa). In addition to her private practice, Nicci consults to a number of multi national companies regarding staff wellness, work life balance strategies, executive wellness coaching and stress management.
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