343: Thriving in Uncertainty with Dr. Kirsten Peterson, Elite Performance Psychologist


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Kirsten Peterson is a registered psychologist, endorsed sport and exercise psychologist and principal sole trader for Kirsten Peterson Consulting. Prior to her current role, Kirsten worked as a senior sport psychologist with the US Olympic Committee, and more recently headed up the performance psychology team for the Australian Institute of Sport.

Kirsten’s current practice consists of performance psychology and executive coaching services for individuals and consulting to organizations in the areas of “happy, healthy, high performance,” culture, and team building, and education to groups in the areas of performance enhancement, mindfulness, neuroscience, and mental health.

In this podcast, Cindra and Kirsten talk:

  • Why embracing failure is key to high performance
  • What is at the heart of mastering the mental game
  • The separations of the world’s best from a mental perspective
  • Why we need to become friends with our mind
  • A free summit on thriving in uncertainty she is organizing


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