#8 WTF Is An Endocannabinoid System?


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Did ya miss us? We missed you! Welcome back to the Highlarious Podcast! We are SO excited to bring you our cannabis-centric show hosted by comedian Jessimae and her cohost/cannabusiness partner Travis Turner. They record live out of their soon-to-be-opened dispensary La Flora Organica! Season 1: Comedians and Cannabis.

Episode 8: How Do I Choose The Right Strain For Me?

In this episode we welcome back our co host, and Jessimae's canna-business partner, Travis Turner who drops some serious THC knowledge about THC on our kushies this week! Why do women have more panic attacks then men on THC? How do you pick the right strain for you? What are the harmful side effects of smoking? These questions and more are answered on this week's super informative episode! Blaze up, babies!

Strain: This week we smoked some "mystery weed" given to Jessimae after a gig. It was delightful, fun, and subtle. It did, however, give us MAJOR MUNCHIES! #ItsCrunchTime

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