Bonus: "After The Endgame" - Where Does Marvel Go From Here?


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We are dedicating the entirety of this episode to "Avengers:Endgame". Film and culture critic Mike Sargent joins me to go through the most pressing questions you might have AFTER you saw the film. We do have to make a disclaimer… if you have not seen the movie yet, don’t listen to this podcast, because the very purpose of this episode is NOT to prepare you to see the film, but to discuss the subsequent questions and future of the franchise and your place in it.

Episode Summary

12:07 - Can Endgame beat Avatar?

15:58 - Spoiler and bullying culture because of Endgame

17:52 - Can anyone ever replace Robert Downey Jr. popularity as Iron Man?

23:29 - Will we ever see an all-female Avengers?

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